Pishro Paliz Nakhl Talab  in the commercial name of ASTRONUT ,has been established  in 2019. Commercing of agriculture products,such as dried fruits, and nuts are  our main business. Producing beneficial goods and services ,based on startup approaches and modern business and standard exchange principles.
‏Some old friends reunited again and they have launched the best quality of agricultural supply chain,  consists of ,packing, and exports  variety of agriculture products, dried fruit, and nuts.
‏Each member of the  ASTRONUT has graduated in  high academic degrees, scientific knowledge and high degree of competence  in several languages such as English, German, Arabic, and Persian as well as achieved good standards in  the field of agriculture supply chain, logistics, production, and exports.
‏Our task is the supply of high-quality products, dependent  on the goal  of  containing global markets to achieve high degree of  customer  satisfactions.
‏ASTRONUT team devotes great investment in research and development to reach this goal,  compete with other Iranian export agriculture products companies.‏

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