Health Benefits of Some Nuts

Health Benefits of Some Nuts

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All of us have heard and read about the health benefits of nuts. Although, we are always heard some rumors from yellow pages and the other unreliable sources which the nuts may cause a serious problem for our body. The good news is that these information are totally false. Here, it has been prepared a suitable list to increase our knowledge about the nuts. these information have been extracted from . Generally, the whole of the nuts is a perfect source of fat, fiber, and protein.

Most of these have a good fat such as monosaturated fat that is usually accompanied with omega-6 and omega-3. Also, many of them are included some amount of Vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium and vitamin E.

Moreover, If we have surveyed in literature, we can find some investigation that discussed the relationships between eating nuts and human health issues. One of the biggest investigations that gathered 33 articles results, showed that intaking nuts in our daily diet is not significantly relevant in weight gain or weight loss. Another investigation showed, who eat nuts regularly live longer than who don’t. Also, some investigations have been offered to use nuts due to reducing risk factors for metabolitic syndrome more than a low-fat diet. Furthermore, nutrition items in Nuts could be reduced the risk of other chronic diseases. so, eating nuts may improve blood sugar levels and make decrease the risk of certain cancer.

Here is a table that includes some Nutrition information for some Nuts.


This product could be improved cholesterol levels and some studies showed that intaking of Almonds during the day can reduce LDL cholesterol which means it may result to reduce heart diseases. Also, Some investigation showed that consuming this product can help someone who hurts from obesity and overweight issues.


This Product in parallel with Almonds can be improved cholesterol levels. For instance, serving 2-3 ounces of pistachios per day may help increase good cholesterol (HDL), subsequently, it reduces heart disease. One the other hand, eating Pistachios can be decline blood pressure and it has a substantial impact on weight loss.



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